Sîrbu Dumitru, Eni Stanislav, Strîșca Stanislav, Topalo Valentin
2020 Zenodo  
In order to avoid the drawbacks of alveolar ridge bone grafting methods, in preimplantation preparation, alternative methods of implant-prosthetic rehabilitation through zygomatic implants were proposed. The aim of the study: Clinical evaluation, through bibliographic analysis, of the rehabilitation methods of patients with upper jaw edentolous, in association with severely atrophic maxilla, using zygomatic implants. Material and methods: The study included 8 patients, with a mean age of 58.5
more » ... mean age of 58.5 years, treated during 2017–2020 time period. Also, there was performed a bibliographic synthesis of 319 articles, published during the last 10 years, using the "zygomatic implants" expression. Patients' data was processed in Sidexis 4.2 and Microsoft Excel. Results and discussion: Upper jaw rehabilitation was performed by the "Quad Zygoma", "Quad Zygoma hybrid", "Hybrid Zygoma + 2" and "Hybrid Zygoma + 4" methods, and, in a clinical case, 1 zygomatic implant in combination with 1 conventional implant and 1 pterygoid implant. In total, 34 implants were inserted, of which 23 zygomatic, 10 conventional and 1 pterygoid. There were no complications during the follow-up period, the success rate being 100%. The bibliographic analysis revealed an increased interest in this topic, but it still remains a controversial subject, due to the lack of long-term results. Conclusion: The rehabilitation method, using zygomatic implants, demonstrated a high efficacy, a low morbidity rate, compared to the methods of bone grafting, reduced surgery time, immediate prosthetic rehabilitation and high patients' satisfaction.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3979631 fatcat:hws5oqzadnfijae4bmv7ggjf7a