Local model checking in Park's my--calculus [book]

Alexander Kick
Temporal logic model checking is an automatic verification method for finite-state systems. In global model checking, the truth of a formula (and its subformulae) is determined for all the states in the model. Local model checking procedures are designed for proving that a specific state of the model satisfies a given formula. This may avoid the exhaustive traversal of a model. Also, the proof tree constructed during local model checking can serve as a witness (counterexample) which
more » ... ) which demonstrates the error in the design and can thus help locating errors. In \cite{StiWal91} it was shown how local model checking can be performed in the modal $\mu$-calculus. In this paper, we introduce a tableau system and thus a local model checking method for the more expressive $\mu$-calculus of Park \cite{Par76} and prove its soundness and completeness.
doi:10.5445/ir/72295 fatcat:yrgnorutsjdgrgi2a6tr42jxdq