Ludwig Spohr'un Alman Keman Ekolündeki Yeri ve Önemi

2020 Turkish Studies - Educational Sciences  
German school and violin playing technique has developed as a major force in classical music, changing the direction of music and creating great musicians and playing techniques. German school of music, which was under the influence of French and Italian styles in the 1700s, has created its unique mixed style after the development of German violin music. During this time, famous violin vituoso Ludwig Spohr invented the violin chin rest in 1820, created its own school of violin, known as Cassel
more » ... n, known as Cassel School, moving German school of music to 19th century as its most important figure. In this article, different schools of violin in different countries have been reviewed along with the historical development of German school of violin from 18th century onwards and its difference from other schools. In addition, this article also presents the new approaches German composer and violinists bring to violin playing technique and execution, explaining the new approaches Mannheim school, one of the most influential schools in École Allemand, bring to the study of music. This article, which uses a literature review, emphasizes the importance of German school in shaping violin performance in classical music. The objective is to: i) draw attention to the fact that the German school of violin, a school of music which influenced generations, is still taught as violin pedagogy and musicians trained through German school of violin continue the teachings of this school and ii) present the importance and contributions of Ludwig Spohr to German school of violin. Structured Abstract: This study aims to examine the violin schools in different countries and the historical development of the German violin school since the 18 th century as well as its difference from other schools. The innovations German composers and interpreters brought to the technique and performance of violin are explained, and the contributions of Mannheim school, a crucial part of German school, to music are narrated. In that period, the famous violin virtuoso Ludwig Spohr who was the most important name connecting the German school to the 19 th century invented the chin rest in 1820 and established his own violin school that is also known as the Cassel School. The objective of this study is to put emphasis on the fact that the German violin school, which has a centuries-long influence and which preserves its importance today, is still a part of the current violin pedagogy curricula and that musicians trained in this school still continue the tradition. Also, the study aims to underline Ludwig Spohr's importance in the German violin school and his contributions to this school. Prepared with the literature review method, this study touches upon the key role of the German school in shaping the violin performance in classical music and Ludvig Spohr's contributions. This study is a descriptive one carried out with the help of qualitative research methods. It addresses to the importance of the
doi:10.47423/turkishstudies.45840 fatcat:idtrawm5afdvfkiiz3vrlzdhi4