Formación y antecedentes de la lealtad del paciente en el contexto de los servicios médicos privados

Cristóbal Barra, Eduardo Torres M, Arturo Z. Vásquez-Parraga
2011 Estudios de Administración  
Due to the increasing competitiveness in the medical activity, patients loyalty to doctors have become as a key factor in medical services management. The purpose of this study is to establish how satisfaction, trust and commitment affect patients' loyalty to their doctor in the private health services context. Valid and reliable scales are built and a proposed theoretical model is proved through structural equations method. Results show that the best model to explain the formation of loyalty
more » ... arts with satisfaction and it is mediated by trust and commitment, building a chain relationship. These results are supported by contrasting the proposed model with many other alternative models, concluding an optimal structure for loyalty formation based on the studied variables.
doi:10.5354/0719-0816.2011.56377 doaj:e4289d8f25864cefbbd34be5505c2e73 fatcat:aftans3tvjfwre5sohztu23qxe