Observation of φφ production in the reaction at 1.4 GeV / c incident momentum

L. Bertolotto, A. Buzzo, P.T. Debevec, D. Drijard, S. Easo, R.A. Eisenstein, W. Eyrich, T. Fearnley, H. Fischer, J. Franz, R. Geyer, N.H. Hamann (+40 others)
1995 Physics Letters B  
The JETSET (PS202) experiment at CERN{LEAR searches for hadronic resonances by means of in-ight a n tiproton{proton annihilations in the reaction pp . In order to obtain sucient luminosity and good nal-state mass resolution, this experiment uses an internal hydrogen-cluster jet target intersecting the LEAR antiproton beam. We report on the study of the reaction pp 4K at 1.4 GeV/c incident p momentum, and we present the rst experimental observation of a strong signal in this reaction.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(94)01670-8 fatcat:wxei53iinfbmrlkfr2nzguq3qe