Advanced Photo System. Development of Camera in Advanced Photo System with Viewpoint of System Design
アドバンストフォトシステム システム設計の観点から見た新システムのカメラ開発

1996 Journal of The Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan  
In the Advanced Photo System, many field of products is introduced at the same time, therfore it is required within range of the specification at system interface performance. We considered the three item of system interfaces on the developement of the Advanced Photo System camera. That item are "Print quality is same as 135" ,"Guarantee on magnetic recording performance", and "Guarantee on cartridge interface". As a result, consumer take a beautiful picture easily and without anxiety.
doi:10.11454/photogrst1964.59.591 fatcat:gcg5xcpugzhbngmosbovx3hc6m