До Питання Діагностування Рівня Операційно-Діяльнісного Компонента Ік-Компетентності Вчителів Філологічних Дисциплін

Г. А. Дегтярьова
2017 Zenodo  
Attention is concentrated on the necessity of diagnosis of the level of operationally-activity component of the IC competence of linguistic disciplines teachers after raising their qualifications in this course period. The requirements to the technological literacy of pedagogical workers, which corresponds to the operationally-activity component of this competence. Characterized the diagnostic control tests, aimed at testing practical skills in ICT, held at the Kharkiv Academy of Post-Diploma
more » ... ucation for all listeners of advanced training courses. Methods were lit, with which traced the dynamics of the development of operationally-activity component IC competencies through information and semantic elements of the text control work with ICT and the methods of mathematical statistics for analyzing the reliability of the results. (the criterion of approval the Pearson χ2, the average ratio of the level of technological literacy of teachers kсер. and increase Δkсер., the method of comparison of the increase in the average ratio of the above-mentioned measurement parameters). Confirmed by positive dynamics of development of operationally-activity component of the IC competence of teachers of linguistic disciplines.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.821277 fatcat:c2u7fceqpjeodhsf5cgjg3ighi