Solution-Processable Porous Graphitic Carbon from Bottom-Up Synthesis and Low-Temperature Graphitization

Sai Che, Lei Fang, Sarbajit Banerjee, Mohammed Al-Hashimi, Zi-Hao Guo, Jessica Glynn, Guvanch Gurbandurdyyev, Hong-Cai Zhou, Xiaozhou Ji, Wasif Zaheer, Chenxu Wang, Chenxuan Li (+1 others)
2021 Chemical Science  
It is urgently desired yet challenging to synthesize porous graphitic carbon (PGC) in a bottom-up manner while circumventing the need for high-temperature pyrolysis. Here we present an effective and scalable...
doi:10.1039/d1sc01902c fatcat:wyf36rgj5nhtjp54hoddanj6ou