Some new developments in aryl-gold and aryl-platinum chemistry

R. Uson
1986 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
The enhanced stability of the metal-to-carbon bond M-R (M= Au, Pt) when R is a polyhalophenyl group (R= C F , C F H , C Cl ) allows the isolation of neutral, cationic or anionic §rl drvtivs f both metals, which are excellent precursors for the synthesis of polynuclear compounds or mixed clusters with unusual structures and properties. On the other hand, stable solutions of the neutral complexes MR2L2 (M= Pd, Pt; R= C6F5, CCl; L= OC4HQ) are a suitable source for the preparation of otherwise
more » ... n of otherwise iHacdessible c3mpounds.
doi:10.1351/pac198658040647 fatcat:yqzlgrxxn5bypnaavm5vs7yfji