CPEC and Regional Integration

2019 Global Regional Review  
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an emerging debate. This project called a 'game-changer' for Pakistan-China and for whole region. The main argument based on the phenomena of economic interdependence established peace and integration in the region. The new world order revolves around economic power rather than nuclear power. The economic strength is playing a significant role in regional integration and peace. The CPEC project based on both economic and strategic aspects. This project deals
more » ... he growing economic interdependence and the phenomena of power politics in South Asia. The CPEC is important part of China's Marshall plan OBOR and providing a win-win situation for all states of region. This study contributes that how growing economic interdependence through CPEC established peace and integration for whole region. This study based on field survey and discourse analysis. Abstract Sabahat Jaleel, Naureen Talha and Zahir Shah
doi:10.31703/grr.2019(iv-iv).03 fatcat:h4od6im72fg6vgclynpaasvrky