A Practical Quantum Cryptography Transmitter

Fouad AliYaseen
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The extend success of any communication system essentially depends on the strength of the secrecy of transporting the information between the partners. The classical cryptography for the wired and wireless communication systems can not withstand against the challenges of new technologies. So, it is necessary to invent a new method to encrypt the information. The solution is quantum cryptography in communication system. The absolute security can be achieve with quantum cryptography protocol via
more » ... uilding an effective hardware for satisfying the single-photon source must requirement by controlling the value of mean photon number. This was approximately achieved in this work by building a driving circuit that provide very short pulses, less than 10 ns for Laser Diode with output maximum power of 0.99 mW and wavelength 650 nm. These short pulses enable getting faint laser pulses that were further attenuated to reach mean photon number equal to 0.08 or less.
doi:10.5120/15205-3607 fatcat:jcve5b3hlnfc5lnbk73y2cj3cq