Colonic stenosis in neonates is not always congenital or complication of necrotizing enterocolitis

Vijai Datta Upadhyaya, Ashwani Mishra, Yusuf Md, Basant Kumar
2020 Journal of Neonatal Surgery  
Bowel obstruction in early infancy may results from variety of congenital anomalies involving small and large bowel. Colonic stenosis (CS) congenital or acquired is among the rare causes of chronic bowel obstructions in early infancy. Methods: Medical record of 4 patients with colonic stenosis secondary to Hirschsprung's disease was reviewed. Results: A total of 4 cases were included in the study. Age of presentation ranged from 25 days to 96 days. Most common presentation was gross abdominal
more » ... stension with visible bowel loop, vomiting, difficulty in passing stool followed by history of passing recurrent loose stools and failure to thrive. In one case there was suspicion of bowel perforation and was operated in emergency. Initial operative findings and histopathology was not suggestive of Hirschsprung's Disease, but a full thickness rectal biopsy confirmed HD in all 4 cases. Conclusion: Hirschsprung should be considered as underlying pathology in cases of colonic stricture/stenosis in children.
doi:10.47338/jns.v9.524 fatcat:n3bmsmllf5c3je65mxaxrymam4