The aesthetic connection between chorus voice and "form"

Kehan Teng
2019 Journal of Contemporary Educational Research  
Abstract: Music is the art of sound, while chorus is the art of group vocal music. Choral art takes human voice as the carrier to express thoughts, emotions and artistic images through sound. Harmonious, unified, balanced sound gives people the enjoyment of beauty, and brings people related pictorial association. As a unique form of vocal music art, chorus is also a comprehensive stage art belonging to the category of performance, which is a sister art belonging to the same and different
more » ... nd different families, such as dance and drama. In the visual arts such as dance and drama, the melody, timbre and harmony of music match the figures appearing on the stage or screen. So much so that when we hear some kind of music we have feelings and associations of being beautiful, strong, magnificent, lively and leaping, dark and melancholy. From ancient to modern times, in daily life, people sang and danced scenes were also their immediate reflection of music aesthetic feelings. Some of these aesthetic experiences are vague and some are specific. For example: we will think some music is witty or sad, when people heard the music, such as "the devil into the village", is associated with the world war ii German offensive of Leningrad, the Anti-Japanese War of the Chinese people will be associated with the scenario, inner emotional ups and downs also involuntarily immersed in that special period and in the scene. In chorus, "form" performance influence on good auditory perceptual styles, or, in turn, is a good style of auditory perceptual experience of "form" synesthesia reaction performance, relationship to the singing breath, resonance, position and the effect of auditory perceptual style performance status and change, through sound "form" to build a good performance of auditory perceptual styles, so that the sound stimulus directly cause synesthesia activity, directly or indirectly affect the chorus sound auditory aesthetic feeling, at the same time, it can enhance the tension of the chorus performance, shape the artistic image that is consistent with the expression of the work, and properly express the music artistic conception. The audience can feel the chorus's expression of aesthetic emotion directly from their hearing, and then have a significant influence on the music sound and singing effect. This article through the "form" to the good style of auditory perceptual and aesthetic relation, the effect of using some tightening inward intuitive posture, dance to the chorus of constructing "the vertical and the inner" auditory perceptual inspired style, from the identity of the visual sense and sound, from the aesthetic perspective of reverse thinking, deeper understanding and grasp of our chorus.To maintain the breath required by the extremely aesthetic chorus sound, control the state, establish the harmonious, unified and balanced sound perceptual style, as well as the overall sound effect aesthetic expression, has made a different Angle of interpretation.
doi:10.26689/jcer.v3i1.563 fatcat:7d5xfkcn7nax7icbmlw7emrdfi