Evaluating the extent of citizens' interest to single-unit house: case study the city of Bandar Turkmen

Hossein Mahdiraji, Mehdi Koochi
2016 unpublished
House as a shelter and human settlement was born by the most important human needs. The need is given special place in all areas such as economy, politics, culture and society due to it is distinct from other requirements. Any change in all mentioned areas can highly effect on this need. The primary and essential need (Housing) is highly diverse in city of Bandar Turkmen. The diversity is caused by economical, social, livelihood, job, religious, art, geographical positions, historical cultural
more » ... istorical cultural and society factors related to the city. Indeed the aim of this study was to investigate the reasons of citizens' interests toward single-unit houses in the city of Bandar Turkmen. It is a descriptive and field study. The population includes all householders residing in the city of Bandar Turkmen, whose total is11869. The sample is the total of 100 people who were randomly selected and studied. Given to the results of multivariate regression analysis, from the citizen perspectives social factor of 0.337and the environment factor of 0.091 have the most and the least impact on single-unit house choices in the city of Bandar Turkmen respectively.