Inequidades de género en los costos de la dependencia hacia el nal de la vida Gender inequalities in dependence costs at the end of life

Nélida Redondo
Data from the last Argentinean censuses show that in Buenos Aires City, for the population 80 and older, women's internment rate in geriatric institutions duplicates that of males. is article is based on unpublished empirical results from a study performed in dependent patients that receive in residence medical cares. ese results provide evidence about inequities against women in the costs related to the attention of the dependence at home. Additionally it shows that being a son/ daughter or
more » ... son/ daughter or son/daughter-in-law of the dependent person signicantly increases stress, when compared to other type of caregivers. e empirical investigation shows gender dierences in the provision and reception of cares that negatively aect dependent women's options to remain in their homes in the extreme age.