A.P. Stepanchuk
2020 Актуальні проблеми сучасної медицини: Вісник Української медичної стоматологічної академії  
The autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions. The central part is represented by supra-segmental and segmental centres. Parasympathetic segmental centres in the brain are accessory nucleus of the oculomotor nerves, superior salivary nucleus of the facial nerve, inferior salivary nucleus of the glossopharyngeal nerve and dorsal nucleus of the vagus nerve. In the spinal cord, these are the intermediate lateral nuclei. Sympathetic segmental centres in the
more » ... tal centres in the brain are absent, and in the spinal cord, intermediate-lateral nuclei are located in the lateral horns in the eighth cervical, all thoracic and 1-2 lumbar spinal segments. The peripheral part of the autonomic nervous system is represented by pre-nodal and post-nodal branches, paravertebral, prevertebral and terminal nodes and plexuses. The intramural part of the autonomic nervous system lies in the larger part of a wide and narrow-loop net and represented with a large number of nerve cells different by their shapes and sizes and clustered as intramural nodes, or individual nerve cells included along the net loops. The autonomic plexuses of the abdominal cavity are topographically divided into celiac, superior and inferior mesenteric, abdominal aortic, mesenteric, superior and inferior hypogastric region.
doi:10.31718/2077-1096.20.1.212 fatcat:t3torrjep5fzlbhncivzkwyozu