A graph-based approach for the retrieval of multi-modality medical images

Ashnil Kumar, Jinman Kim, Lingfeng Wen, Michael Fulham, Dagan Feng
2014 Medical Image Analysis  
Advances in sensors and imaging technologies are contributing to rapidly expanding data repositories that contain interrelated information from different modalities. The extraction and visualisation of knowledge from these repositories is a major challenge in the modern, digital world. In the medical domain, im-"It's bigger on the inside!" Those words, exclaimed by many of The Doctor's various companions 1 , echo in my mind as I sit here reflecting upon the entirety of my PhD. My experience
more » ... ng this degree program was indeed bigger than any of my expectations. The challenges were more difficult than I had thought, the community larger than I had imagined, the highs (and the lows) more frightening than I would care to admit. Just as each companion assists The Doctor and shapes his character in their journeys through time and space, so have a number of people stood by me during my quest. Without such stalwart friends and colleagues, I would have been left beleaguered by the roadside and it is thanks to them that I stand near the end of my journey. Words cannot begin to express the depth of my gratitude but I will do my best anyway.
doi:10.1016/j.media.2013.11.003 pmid:24378541 fatcat:mqzxyjza4bhwdk7iat5veyaqfq