Learning Spatial–Temporal Background-Aware Based Tracking

Peiting Gu, Peizhong Liu, Jianhua Deng, Zhi Chen
2021 Applied Sciences  
Discriminative correlation filter (DCF) based tracking algorithms have obtained prominent speed and accuracy strengths, which have attracted extensive attention and research. However, some unavoidable deficiencies still exist. For example, the circulant shifted sampling process is likely to cause repeated periodic assumptions and cause boundary effects, which degrades the tracker's discriminative performance, and the target is not easy to locate in complex appearance changes. In this paper, a
more » ... atial–temporal regularization module based on BACF (background-aware correlation filter) framework is proposed, which is performed by introducing a temporal regularization to deal effectively with the boundary effects issue. At the same time, the accuracy of target recognition is improved. This model can be effectively optimized by employing the alternating direction multiplier (ADMM) method, and each sub-problem has a corresponding closed solution. In addition, in terms of feature representation, we combine traditional hand-crafted features with deep convolution features linearly enhance the discriminative performance of the filter. Considerable experiments on multiple well-known benchmarks show the proposed algorithm is performs favorably against many state-of-the-art trackers and achieves an AUC score of 64.4% on OTB-100.
doi:10.3390/app11188427 fatcat:ecwy6lflg5bkppm2byyanuoquy