Sequential Photodamage Driven by Chaotic Systems in NiO Thin Films and Fluorescent Human Cells

Hilario Martines-Arano, Mónica Araceli Vidales-Hurtado, Samara Palacios-Barreto, Martín Trejo-Valdez, Blanca Estela García-Pérez, Carlos Torres-Torres
2020 Processes  
A laser ablation process assisted by the feedback of a sensor with chaotic electronic modulation is reported. A synchronous bistable logic circuit was analyzed for switching optical signals in a laser-processing technique. The output of a T-type flip-flop configuration was employed in the photodamage of NiO films. Multiphotonic effects involved in the ablation threshold were evaluated by a vectorial two-wave mixing method. A photoinduced thermal phenomenon was identified as the main physical
more » ... hanism responsible for the nonlinearity of index under nanosecond irradiation at 532 nm wavelength. Comparative experiments for destroying highly transparent human cells were carried out. Potential applications for developing hierarchical functions yielding laser-induced controlled explosions with immediate applications for biomedical photothermal processes can be contemplated.
doi:10.3390/pr8111377 fatcat:at46zfhmfrdm5gm6ip4ghp76me