Generation of relativistic high-order-mode laser pulse using plasma waveguide

Deyao Yu, Debin Zou, Ming Yu, Tong-Pu Yu, Yan Yin, Fuqiu Shao, Hongbin Zhuo, Cangtao Zhou, Shuangchen Ruan
2019 New Journal of Physics  
An all-optical method for generating ultra-intense high-order-mode light pulse is investigated with three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation.We find that the conversion from a short intense circularly polarized incident Gaussian laser pulse into a transverse magnetic (TM) mode occurs as it propagates into a micro plasma waveguide.The strength of the longitudinal electric field of the excited TM modes can be almost two orders of magnitude higher than that of the original laser.The
more » ... l laser.The simulation results show that, for the lower-order modes, the trapped electrons lead to their revolving transverse structures.A linear plasma waveguide model is presented to predict the mode pattern and intensity of the longitudinal electric fields, which are in excellent agreement with those in the simulations.Relativistic-intense high-order-mode light can be useful for many applications, including accelerating charged particles to high energies.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/ab3595 fatcat:2echc734yvewpfw5pi37tdrfjq