Reproduction of Scenes Applied in Fatimid Islamic Ceramics with Contemporary Ceramic Models

The researcher's reference to the importance of ceramics as an applied study and its link with technological and contemporary aspects and renewal and the importance of Islamic art and aspects of Islamic thought and art from the prohibition and flattening came to the importance of research through investment. Vocabulary of Fatimid Islamic art to produce contemporary ceramic models, and thus the research will be an important tributary of the mixture of the past and the present for all those
more » ... sted in history and ceramics, and students of colleges of fine arts and institutes. The research was divided into four chapters, the first chapter included the research problem that summarizes the following question (Is it possible to reproduce the vocabulary of a thousand clay in contemporary ceramic models?). It included the importance of research, the need for it, its goal, its limitations, and the definition of terms contained therein. As for the second chapter, it included the theoretical framework that included three topics: The first topic included Islamic art, aspects of prevention, avoiding embodiment and color, the extent of accompanying flatness, and the accompanying display mechanisms at all levels in painting, decoration and ceramics. There is also a very important point of widespread Islamic art where it was believed to be a spiritual metaphysical Islamic decoration is a clear sign of the second Islamic art. The icons contain a treasury in the Fatimid mind called Fatimah in connection with the Fatimid state, a group of ceramic models from the Fatimid period as well. The third topic is contemporary Iraqi ceramics and its origins, which leads to the output of the most important indicators of the theoretical framework. The third chapter included: From a practical point of view, the research procedures included preparing the clay to the selection of the three samples to the beginning of the planning and work process, as well as adopting the oxide mixture to give the spiritual actions of the foot a great aesthetic effect on the final product of the works. Chapter four included: the results of the research, conclusions and recommendations. Chapter one, the methodological framework First: the research problem The art of ceramics is one of the oldest arts known to mankind, as it is a way to express the love of human emotion and feelings despite the fact that the first experiences in ancient Iraqi civilization that are the cradle of civilization were silly, irregular and functional models used
doi:10.37896/jxat12.04/1215 fatcat:tt4gcta2yrf7nbtuhcilmjf3km