Algorithm and Architecture for Path Metric Aided Bit-Flipping Decoding of Polar Codes [article]

Yu Wang, Lirui Chen, Qinglin Wang, Yang Zhang, Zuocheng Xing
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Polar codes attract more and more attention of researchers in recent years, since its capacity achieving property. However, their error-correction performance under successive cancellation (SC) decoding is inferior to other modern channel codes at short or moderate blocklengths. SC-Flip (SCF) decoding algorithm shows higher performance than SC decoding by identifying possibly erroneous decisions made in initial SC decoding and flipping them in the sequential decoding attempts. However, it
more » ... ms not well when there are more than one erroneous decisions in a codeword. In this paper, we propose a path metric aided bit-flipping decoding algorithm to identify and correct more errors efficiently. In this algorithm, the bit-flipping list is generated based on both log likelihood ratio (LLR) based path metric and bit-flipping metric. The path metric is used to verify the effectiveness of bit-flipping. In order to reduce the decoding latency and computational complexity, its corresponding pipeline architecture is designed. By applying these decoding algorithms and pipeline architecture, an improvement on error-correction performance can be got up to 0.25dB compared with SCF decoding at the frame error rate of 10^-4, with low average decoding latency.
arXiv:1903.03381v1 fatcat:oglevnog2vddvn7g4ly5q5gigu