HIV PreP opens the door to STDs. The pros

Alain Lafeuillade
2016 Journal of virus eradication  
HIV-1 pre-exposure prophylaxis with Truvada™ has been shown capable to reduce viral transmission in several trials including the French-Canadian IPERGAY trial. However, nothing is currently known on the possible effect on the transmission of other STDs when PreP is used outside a clinical trial. In France, a significant increase in the transmission of syphilis is observed since the year 2000, in particular in MSM. Gonococcal infections also increase in the same group regularly since 2005. When
more » ... y since 2005. When we look at the analysis of risk behavior among MSM in the IPERGAY trial, it is striking to note that overall 70 percent of participants reported condomless anal intercourse during their most recent encounter without significant change during follow-up. This means that despite regular counseling in the context of a clinical trial, high risk MSM did not change their practices. In other words, it means that participants are quite only preoccupied by the risk of HIV transmission but not the risk of other STDs which, even HCV, are curable. This lack of sexual risk behavior decrease let us think that, in real life and over the years, the implementation of PreP will increase the rate of other STDs. S12
doi:10.1016/s2055-6640(20)31231-0 fatcat:ia6sd3j4anaxhiulvaamm7ilue