Concept of 'Invidia' in Cicero's Writings
Понятие invidia в сочинениях Цицерона

Брагова, Arina Bragova
2017 Scientific Research and Development Socio-Humanitarian Research and Technology  
The article analyses the usage of the concept 'invidia' in Cicero's writings. This concept the most often denotes hatred, more rarely – envy, disaffection, disapproval, malevolence, malice. Cicero differentiates between 'invidia' and 'invidentia': the first means a strong feeling of envy or hatred, while the second – jealousy. It is concluded that Cicero combines 'invidia' with 'odium', 'misericordia', 'iracundia', and opposes it to 'gloria'.
doi:10.12737/article_595cf6138adaa6.23014949 fatcat:hly34njehrazrhqkxrxbo3zypa