Elaboration and validation of an e-book with the laws about diabetes in schools

Camila Cialdini Faria, Tatiane Géa Horta, Janice Sepúlveda Reis, Aleida Nazareth Soares, Alexandra Dias Moreira
to elaborate an e-book about children and adolescents' rights and duties concerning diabetes in schools. we developed this methodological study in nine steps: Creation process definition, bibliographic survey, e-book elaboration, readability and apprehensibility examination, illustration, committee of judges and targeted audience validation (students' moms with diabetes and school staff), experts' meetings and final discussion. We have considered acceptable the Content Validity Coefficient
more » ... um of 0.80. we obtained an average Content Validity Coefficient of 0,97 for clarity and relevance, and the images had 94% approval. In the face-to-face test, the targeted audience have considered the material clear and adequate to the intended purpose. Conclusions: the e-book was elaborated and validated regarding the content and relevance, and may be used to instruct the population about diabetes' laws in schools.
doi:10.1590/0034-7167-2020-0711 pmid:34706044 fatcat:o6yofidiare2bkwbpbanxkp6ka