Bad News, Communication of [entry]

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Citation for the original published paper (version of record): Enghel, F., Danielson, M. (2019) Bad news: seeing communication for and about development through an exposé of Swedish aid to Zambia Journal of International Communication, 25(2): 254-274 ABSTRACT Communication for and about development are significant components of international development cooperation, interlinked in practice though separated in research. This article examines their interaction in donor-driven aid through the lens
more » ... id through the lens of journalism. How is bilateral development cooperation communicated about in the news? How does a donor agency communicate for and about development? And what are the links between one and the other? In 2016, a prime-time exposé aired by the Swedish public TV reported on alleged corruption in aid to Zambia, depicting events as the double failure of donor and recipient. Our analysis clarifies how (a) how the news media in a top donor country covers public development aid for its citizen audiences; and (b) how a bilateral donor agency understands and practices communication as it interacts with the news media on the one hand, and with partners and beneficiaries on the ground on the other. We focus on the news media as mediator of the donor's communication with its tax-paying citizen audiences, demonstrating the potential of an integrated conceptual approach to communication for and about development, and raising questions for future research.
doi:10.4135/9781483381411.n34 fatcat:wn6osigaj5esnpjroeaa4wo5e4