Investigation of Biosynthesized Silver Nano Particles Interaction From Halymenia Porphyroides With The E7 Protein Using Bioinformatics Tool

Murugesan S
2017 Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research  
Proteome analysis and modelling of the E7 protein using SWISSPDBV The specific disease selection and all the proteins involved in the pathway are surveyed from KEGG database. The amino acid Abstract Silver nano particles have known to possess anticancer properties in the early stages of virus proliferation. In the present study biosynthesis of silver nano particles from marine red alga Halymenia porphyroides was synthesized and characterized. Studies on protein disulphide bonds were done using
more » ... etal Detector Predicts V2.0 software. All Cys and His residues in amino acid sequences were identified. The study revealed that silver nano particles couple with the sulfhydryl groups led to decrease the disulphide bonds and denatures the E7 protein thus eliminating the possibility of the occurrence of the disease.
doi:10.26717/bjstr.2017.01.000359 fatcat:xblvf2qvtrfrhlbcddtzxfa6wy