Perfect photon absorption in hybrid atom-optomechanical system

Yang Zhang, Amjad Sohail, Chang-shui Yu
2016 Europhysics letters  
Recently, the photon absorption attracts lots of interest and plays an important role in a variety of applications. Here, we propose a valuable scheme to investigate the perfect photon absorption in a hybrid atom-optomechanical system both under and beyond the low-excitation limit. The perfect photon absorption persists both in the linear atomic excitation regime and nonlinear atomic excitation regime, below the threshold of the optical bistability/multistability, respectively. We also show
more » ... the optical nonlinearity raised by the nonlinear optomechanical interaction and nonlinear atomic excitation can be overlap-added, there presents a perfect corresponding relation between perfect photon absorption and the optical multistability beyond the low-excitation limit, the optical bistability can be switched to the optical multistability by increasing the input intensity. The combination of the perfect photon absorption and optical bistability/mutistability is useful for the photon switch application. We believe that this study will provide a possible design of an optical switch.
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/115/64002 fatcat:c7hrxglzlbgg7akrjlqbrhquqi