Optical Characterisation of a Three Layer Waveguide Structure by m-Lines Spectroscopy

T. Schneider, D. Leduc, J. Cardin, C. Lupi, H. Gundel
2007 Ferroelectrics (Print)  
A three layer planar waveguide structure, consisting of a light guiding ferroelectric lead zirconate titanate thin film, embedded between two transparent zinc oxide electrodes, was elaborated and studied by m-lines spectroscopy. The three layer modal dispersion equations are established and we demonstrate experimentally the ability to retrieve the refraction index and the thickness of each individual layer of the composite waveguide from one single m-lines spectroscopy measurement.
doi:10.1080/00150190701354927 fatcat:gjj2er6p6bf33kqnhbgwpw4snu