Ab Initio-Based Modelling of the Yield Strength in High-Manganese Steels [chapter]

Simon Sevsek, Wolfgang Peter Bleck
An ab initio-based model for the strength increase by short-range ordering of C-Mn-Al clusters has been developed. The model is based on ab initio calculations of ordering energies. The impact of clusters on the yield strength of high-manganese austenitic steels (HMnS) is highly dependent on the configurational structure of the cells that carbon atoms will position themselves as interstitial atoms. The impact of the alloying elements C, Mn, and Al on the potential and actual increase in yield
more » ... rength is analyzed. A model for the calculation of yield strengths of HMnS is derived that includes the impact of short-range ordering, grain size refinement, and solid solution strengthening. The model is in good agreement with experimental data and performs better than other models that do not include strengthening by short-range ordering.
doi:10.18154/rwth-2019-08084 fatcat:aokodsqag5gf5nbeji2cfynw2u