Influence of Selected Parameters of the Channels between Threads on the Air Permeability of Flat Textile Products with Known Characteristics

Mirosław Polipowski, Piotr Więcek, Bogusław Więcek, Anna Pinar
2017 Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe  
A more detailed understanding of flat textile products' internal structure opens up new possibilities for research on the application use of voids in the structure of flat textile products, i.e. the arrangement and structure of the channels between threads and voids between fibres. The work presented is a continuation of research on the channels between threads performed by research teams from IW, TUL and Texo Systems. It refers to the study on the structural segmental models of woven fabrics
more » ... of woven fabrics conducted by the late. Prof. J. Szosland. In further works, a product micro-scanning method using structured light was applied, focusing on the study of the inlet diameter of the channels between threads. Analysis of the air permeability test results showed an influence of the size of the channels between threads (approximate volume of the channel, spacing surface area, coefficient of spacings, angle of channel inclination) and parameters of woven fabrics (type of weave, sett of warp and weft or tightness) on this parameter. Creating a spatial model of the channel between threads would enable to estimate the media flows through these materials (air and water vapour permeability, heat resistance) and electromagnetic radiation, e.g. IR, UV. The directions for further research were defined.
doi:10.5604/01.3001.0010.1701 fatcat:gganrfyy2rdf5kzkpbiruwtpla