A Probabilistic Safety Assessment of a Pyro-processed Waste Repository
A-KRS 처분 시스템 확률론적 안전성 평가

Youn-Myoung Lee, Jongtae Jeong
2012 Journal of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology  
A GoldSim template program for a safety assessment of a hybrid-typed repository system, called A-KRS, in which two kinds of pyro-processed radioactive wastes, low-level metal wastes and ceramic high-level wastes that arise from the pyro-processing of PWR nuclear spent fuels are disposed of, has been developed. This program is ready both for a deterministic and probabilistic total system performance assessment which is able to evaluate nuclide release from the repository and farther transport
more » ... o the geosphere and biosphere under various normal, disruptive natural and manmade events, and scenarios. The A-KRS has been probabilistically assessed with 9 selected input parameters, each of which has its own statistical distribution for a normal release and transport scenario associated with nuclide release and transport in and around the repository. Probabilistic dose exposure rates to the farming exposure group have been evaluated. A sensitivity of 9 selected parameters to the result has also been investigated to see which parameter is more sensitive and important to the exposure rates.
doi:10.7733/jkrws.2012.10.4.263 fatcat:tjurmt3zijdallxuhs2voekdsi