PrEmo - Emotion Measurement Instrument

P.M.A Desmet
2018 Zenodo  
PrEmo is a pictorial emotion scale that measures seven positive (pride, admiration, joy, hope, satisfaction, desire, fascination) and seven negative emotions (shame, contempt, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, boredom). Together, these 14 emotions represent a solid cross-section of the human repertoire. The heart of PrEmo is a cartoon character that uses his face, body and voice to express the fourteen emotions. With PrEmo, people can report their feelings in any situation by simply pointing out
more » ... e or more cartoons. You can measure the emotions people have towards new designs, medical procedures, during a music festival, when tasting wine, or in any other situation you are interested in. With PrEmo, measuring both strong and subtle feelings is simple and reliable. Because it does not rely on words, PrEmo supports cross-cultural research, and the cartoons have been validated in many countries across the world (see Laurans and Desmet, 2017).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3727496 fatcat:gcdxg6iqazbihp6bxrk2ifylga