Vibration Source Identification and Finite Element Model Construction of Optical Disk Drive
광디스크 드라이브의 진동 원인 규명 및 유한요소 모델 구축

Won-Seok Oh, Seung-Ho Lim, No-Cheol Park, Kyoung-Su Park, Young-Pil Park, Seugng-Hon Yoo, Han-Baek Lee
2012 Transactions of the Society of Information Storage Systems  
Optical disk drives (ODDs) are subjected to vibrations caused by the high-speed rotation of the optical disk, and these vibrations can be excessive and reduce the read/write performance. Elastic rubber mounts with cushioning materials are often used to minimize these problems. In this paper, the source of vibrations was identified by experimental modal tests and high-speed photography. Structural modifications were made based on a lumped parameter model and a finite element model.
doi:10.9797/tsiss.2012.8.1.022 fatcat:v5fymrayonhh5oziycrr7gqdbi