Валентина Фрицюк, Ірина Герасимова
2020 Collection of Scientific Papers of Uman State Pedagogical University  
The article defines the essence of professional mobility and importance in future philosophy doctors' training in pedagogical universities. It was proved, that the basis of the sociological approach of determining professional mobility was based on changes in an individual position in the social structure of society. Features of individual personality were at the heart of the psychological approach. Pedagogical approach combines those two approaches, as it aims to ensure the movement of an
more » ... idual in the social structure of society by future professionals' appropriate training during their studies. Professional mobility was defined as a professional training component of future philosophy doctors; ability for successful switching from one activity to another during the process of thesis writing and for changing of activity types in the professional field; ability of efficient use of professional techniques system for implementation of any tasks in the field of thesis writing. The following factors have been proved to have positive influence on the development of future philosophy doctors professional mobility: organization of international relations and joint programs of international cooperation with foreign educational institutions, organizations, associations in the field of science and education; organization of participation in programs of bilateral and multilateral international exchange, internships and practices of postgraduate students, doctoral students, pedagogical staff and students of the university, organization and implementation of joint international educational programs with foreign partner universities considering obtaining diplomas of these universities.
doi:10.31499/2307-4906.3.2020.219121 fatcat:awtscfknkbdntn2kxewqxyx2l4