Genetic Redundancy Eliminates the Dream of Beneficial Mutations

Haitham Talaat
2017 International journal of genomics and data mining  
Redundancy is the duplication of a system's components or functions in order to increase its reliability. This system is provided with a pack of duplications of the components for saving backups in case of sudden malfunctioning. A satellite, for instance, is provided with basic duplications before its launch such as inertial navigation system which depends on 5 duplicate computers on the satellite and 3 inertial measurement congruent units. This is the same in living organisms, where genes
more » ... s, where genes duplicate in a way that protects them from any sudden mutations or failures. Redundancy is a biological Safety system that destroys the effect of mutations. Redundant mechanisms' duty is to achieve the aims of growth in complete perfection. This mechanism is necessary; as there is no system with such complexity as that of living organisms unless it will need the redundancy in its different phases of decoding.
doi:10.29011/2577-0616.000107 fatcat:xoyjlqpew5d5laa7p7zo2xwxzi