0. 20-m (8-in. ) primary burner development report [report]

R.T. Stula, D.T. Young, J.S. Rode
1977 unpublished
High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors (HTGRs) utilize graphite-base fuels. Fluidized-bed burners are being employed successfully in the experimental reprocessing of these fuels. The primary fluidized-bed burner is a unit operation in the reprocessing flowsheet in which the graphite moderator is removed. This report presents a detailed description of the development status of the 0.20-m (8-ln.) diameter primary fluidized-bed burner as of July 1, 1977. Experimental work to date performed In 0.10,
more » ... performed In 0.10, 0.20, and 0.40 m (4^ 8, and 16 in.) diameter primary burners has demonstrated the feasibility of the primary burning process and, at the same times has defined more clearly the areas in which additional experimental work is required. The design and recent operating history of the 0.20-m-dlameter burner are discussed, with emphasis placed upon the evolution of the current design and operating philosophy. ill CONTENTS ABSTRACT ill
doi:10.2172/5246513 fatcat:4mgqjcu3tfe55jullamovlc5u4