Alimentação de Oligosarcus longirostris Menezes & Gèry (Osteichthyes, acestrorhynchinae) do Reservatório de Salto Segredo, Paraná, Brasil

Ana Maria Gealh, Norma Segatti Hahn
1998 Revista Brasileira de Zoologia  
FEEDlNG 01' OUGOSARCUS LONG/ROSTlUS MENEZES & GÉRY (OSTEl-CHTl rvES, ACESTRORllYNClllNAE) OF THE SALTO SEGREDO RESERVOlR, PARANÁ, BRAZIL. ln the feeding study of o. /ongil'osll'is Menezes & Gely, 1983, 211 stomachs from tish caught between March 1993 and February 1994 were analysed. Diet composition was analysed by the index of relative imp0l1ance which deals with the numerical and gravimetric occurrence frequency. Results indicated that the species is piscivorous and its preferential food
more » ... sted of Aslyanax sp. 2. lt was also found lhat Aslyanax sp. 3 became an imp0l1ant food item, depending on the site of capture and its availability. Availability ofprey seems to have a strong influence on the diet of o. /ongirosll'is. This sarne lendency has been observed during the different seasons of the year. Ontogenetic changes have also been found in lhe basic diet.
doi:10.1590/s0101-81751998000400017 fatcat:gr2uyj2in5dffebgekyftsz72i