XXXVIII. Mr. Lethieullier's Oservations on Sepulchral Monuments in a Letter to James West, Esq

1773 Archaeologia  
Having many leisure hours during my summer's residence in Gloucestershire, I employed some of them in enquiry after what matters of antiquity the country round me afforded. Among other searches, I visited many of the neighbouring parish churches, and was concerned to find in them numbers of ancient monuments quite buried in oblivion, and the intent for which they were first erected intirely frustrated. I frequently reflected that monuments were designed either to shew the gratitude of surviving
more » ... titude of surviving friends, or to perpetuate the memory of such as had been eminent or serviceable to their country; ends in themselves laudable, and proper excitements to others to tread in the same steps: but in vain, where the tradition of the tomb is lost almost as soon as its owner's name becomes extinct; and, no inscription remaining, we behold only a dumb and useless piece of stone or marble. Well indeed might Horace boast,exegi monunentum aere perennius; since it is evident, his own immortal writings have already lasted beyond any monument of brass or marble which could have been erected for him.
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