Effects of nutrient density on growth and carcass traits in fast- and slow-feathering female turkeys

V. R. Sikur, F. E. Robinson, D. R. Korver, R. A. Renema, M. J. Zuidhof
2004 Poultry Science  
Chickens have been sexed based on feather development at hatching for many years, but the slowfeathering gene has only recently been incorporated into a commercial line of turkeys. Female turkeys of a fastand a slow-feathering strain were compared with regard to BW, gain, and carcass composition to 29 wk of age. A total of 432 fast-feathering (FF) and 432 slow-feathering (SF) poults were reared to 198 d on a control (CON) or a high-energy, high-protein (HIGH) diet. Data concerning BW and
more » ... characteristics (thoracic circumference and width, shank, keel, breast muscle, fat pad, and liver), feather scores, and breast muscle morphology were assessed over the course of the trial. (Abbreviation Key: CON = control diet; FF = fast-feathering; HIGH = high nutrient density diet; P. major = pectoralis major; P. minor = pectoralis minor; SF = slow-feathering.
doi:10.1093/ps/83.9.1507 pmid:15384900 fatcat:issz7q6eibhmffuc7jivur72yy