Dynamics Buzzword Bingo: Active/Collaborative/Inductive Learning, Model Eliciting Activities, And Conceptual Understanding

Brian Self, James Widmann
2010 Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings   unpublished
At most schools, dynamics does not have a pearly reputation among students; introductory dynamics has one of the highest failure rates of any course at our university. It is usually the first really difficult engineering course that students must take, and many of the concepts are not intuitive. To try to combat this, two instructors have tried to change their instructional techniques to more closely match current trends in engineering education. As in many universities, classroom time is
more » ... y spent having students work problems in groups, encouraging both active and collaborative learning. Before each class, one or two example problems are posted in order to help those students who insist that they learn best by "watching the instructor work problems on the board." At least one of these includes audio, where the instructor discusses the steps and thought processes while solving the problem. We have also used two to three Model-Eliciting Activities (MEAs) during each quarter, which provides context to specific dynamics principles. Students apply particle work-energy and momentum principles by creating an accident reconstruction manual for a police department in Sri Lanka, and practice their rigid body work-energy, kinetics, and angular momentum principles by analyzing a catapult for a medieval exhibit at a British Museum. These projects are introduced before the material is covered, serving as a form of inductive learning and hopefully motivating the material. Finally, we have included conceptual questions during each class period to help the students think more deeply about the material (rather than just plugging numbers into equations). Assessment will be presented using three metrics: final exam averages, scores on the Dynamics Concept Inventory, and student attitudinal surveys.
doi:10.18260/1-2--16484 fatcat:l5nttbyd7vhqhgzfmosb4jlydy