Effect of Medium Compositions on the Mycelial Growth of Venturia nashicola causing Pear Scab
배 검은별무늬병균(Venturia nashicola)의 균사 생장에 대한 배지 조성의 영향

Jeong-Pil Ryu, Kwang-Hyun Min, Sun Hee Yim, Jang Hoon Song, Jang Jeon Choi, Sang Hyun Lee, Wol Soo Kim, Baik Ho Cho, Kwang-Yeol Yang
2014 Journal of Agriculture Science & Technology  
Pear scab caused by the fungus Venturia nashicola is the most devastating disease on Asian pear (Pyrus pyrifolia). However, mycological and biological traits of V. nashicola were rarely known because the artificial cultivation of the fungus is difficult using typical fungal growth medium in the laboratory. The main objective of this study, was to determine the best culture medium composition suitable for mycelial growth of V. nashicola. A new culture medium using pear extracts, various carbon
more » ... d nitrogen sources were used to examine the best combination for mycelial growth of V. nashicola. The culture medium ammended with pear extracts showed higher mycelial growth than non-ammended PDA medium. Specifically, the culture medium ammended with pear ground young leaf extract showed the highest fungal mycelial growth. The increased mycelial growth of V. nashicola was observed in growth medium ammended with Ca(NO3)2 but mycelial growth was negatively influenced by supplement with calcium chelating agent, EGTA. Taken together, we invented a new growth medium ammended with pear extract or Ca(NO3)2 for growth of V. nashicola, and it could be helpful to study on ecological and mycological traits of the pear scab pathogen.
doi:10.29335/tals.2014.48.9 fatcat:awnw7l4o3rajnpvbypbangx4ua