Otac i sinovi

Stella Fatović-Ferenčić, Jasenka Ferber Bogdan
2018 Acta Medico-Historica Adriatica  
This paper presents the role of Eugen Viktor Feller, a pharmacist and factory owner, with an emphasis on his marketing strategy in advertising his pharmacy specialty Elsa. Various types of contemporary press and advertising leaflets and packaging were used as a starting point for analysis. The abundance of the collected material provided an insight into Feller's communication strategy of the approach to consumers, comparing advertising in different media and time spans. Following the appearance
more » ... and elaboration of visual communication phenomena as part of family interest, approaches and advances in the development of advertising in the projects of Feller's sons Miroslav and Ferdinand were presented. Upgrading to the father's positive marketing experience they begin a more contemplative advertising campaign. Ferdinand Feller introduces the concept of collective pharmaceutical propaganda into pharmaceutical marketing, while Miroslav Feller becomes one of the leaders in the development of institutionalization and professionalization of commercial graphic design. Thus, marketing development was demonstrated through marketing approaches and innovative ideas of the three members of Feller family, illustrating the shift in approaches that marked the beginning of a different management within an industrial society, where advertising became an indispensable part and a promoter of market relationships.<span class="_wysihtml5-temp-placeholder"> <span class="_wysihtml5-temp-placeholder">
doi:10.31952/amha.16.1.2 fatcat:oxxbjohh3rcnloo6rgz4vc25ye