Absolutely continuous linear operators on Köthe-Bochner spaces

Krzysztof Feledziak
2011 Banach Center Publications  
pxgsyx egi s fexegr gixi fvsgesyxD yvwi WP sxsi yp weriwesg yvsr egehiw yp gsixgi eee PHII efyviv gyxsxy vsxie yiey yx uÖriEfygrxi egi uyp pivihseu estrtF vet E e fnh funtion spe over (nite nd tomless mesure spe (Ω, Σ, µ) nd let (X, · X ) nd (Y, · Y ) e rel fnh spesF e liner opertor T ting from the uötheEfohner spe E(X) to Y is sid to e solutely ontinuous if T (1A n f ) Y → 0 whenever µ(An) → 0D (An) ⊂ ΣF sn this pper we exmine solutely ontinuous opertors from E(X) to Y F woreoverD we estlish
more » ... eoverD we estlish reltionships etween di'erent lsses of liner opertors from E(X) to Y F
doi:10.4064/bc92-0-6 fatcat:7nvbacfzdndxtbe4c2ss6di4li