Variational Monte Carlo Study of a Spinless Fermiont–VModel on a Triangular Lattice: Formation of a Pinball Liquid

Mitake Miyazaki, Chisa Hotta, Shin Miyahara, Keisuke Matsuda, Nobuo Furukawa
2009 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan  
We analyze a model of spinless fermions on a triangular lattice at half-filling interacting via strong nearest-neighbor repulsive interactions, V, using the variational Monte Carlo simulation technique. The existence of three-sublattice long-range order is confirmed by the finite-size scaling analysis of the charge structural factor at V_c/t > 12. This ordered phase shows characteristics expected for a so called "pinball liquid" state, which has the spontaneous separation of fermionic degrees
more » ... freedom into coexisting Wigner crystal-like charge order (pin) and a metal (ball). The pins are fixed in order to maximize the kinetic energy gain of balls which move almost freely. The Fermi surface is reconstructed at V=V_c and remains towards the strong coupling limit. These features reminiscent of the strong correlation together with the large value of V_c/t distinguishes the pinball liquid from the conventional charge-density-wave.
doi:10.1143/jpsj.78.014707 fatcat:kg5yksonsfdkzfibqe6etjfykm