Two-dimensional ion velocity distribution functions in inductively coupled argon plasma

David C Zimmerman, Roger McWilliams, David A Edrich
2005 Plasma Sources Science & Technology  
Two-dimensional ion velocity distribution functions (IVDFs) of argon plasmas have been measured with optical tomography via laser-induced fluorescence (LIF). An inductive radio-frequency (RF) coil created the plasmas, and IVDFs were measured versus RF frequency, gas pressure and location (bulk plasma or presheath of a plate). Typical gas pressure was 0.3-0.4 mTorr, RF power 25 W and magnetic field 130 G. Effective perpendicular ion temperature decreased with increasing RF frequency, and changed
more » ... quency, and changed little with pressure. Optical tomography reveals features of the presheath IVDF that cannot be deduced from LIF scans parallel and perpendicular to the plate alone. Progress also has been made toward performing optical tomography on a commercial ion beam source (Veeco/Ion Tech 3 cm RF Ion Source, Model #201). In particular, it has been discovered that the beam energy fluctuates in a range of about 20 eV over the timescale of a few minutes.
doi:10.1088/0963-0252/14/3/022 fatcat:cqiqql4ku5bzhbevopvepxn3ei