Preparation of Adsorbent Material from Moroccan Oil Shele of Timahdit: Optimization of Parameters Processes and Adsorption Tests

M Elharti, K Legrouri, E Khouya, H Hannache, S Fakhi, M El Boucchti, N Hanafi, A Solhy, B Hammouti
2012 Scholars Research Library Der Pharma Chemica   unpublished
Adsorbent materials were prepared from Moroccan oil shale of Timahdit (layer Y). The objective is to optimize the procedure parameters of elaboration the adsorbents from two precursors; the raw rock Y and the decarbonated raw rock YH. The parameters examined in this study are: the activation temperature, the residence time in the furnace and the atmosphere gas. The textural and structural characteristics of the prepared adsorbents and their removal capacity of the methylene blue molecule
more » ... d that the best adsorbents are obtained upon activation of the two precursors at 300 °C in air but with durations of different activation, 2h for Y and 2.30 for YH. Under these conditions the prepared adsorbents are characterized by significant textural and structural properties; a maximum adsorption capacity of methylene blue molecule that can reach 175 mg/g in the case (YH300 (2:30) in addition to the development of surface function.