Improved Power Couplings

1875 Scientific American  
IMPROVED POWER COUPLINGS. At the recent meeting of the Iron and Steel Institute of Great Britain, a paper on power couplings for rolling mills and other machinery, the joint production of Messrs. F. H. Varley ani Edward Furness, was read; and its chief point was a description of a new means of controlling and revers· ing mills which receive their power from a continuously and uniformly driven shaft, where the fly wheel picks up the ac cumulated momentum. This is accomplished by the means shown
more » ... by the means shown in our engravings, in which Fig. 1 shows the ordi nary reversing gear, the shaft having an hydraulic coupling, the interior of which is shown in Fig. 2. The wheel, W,and the screw-shaped boss, S, is loose on the shaft, A; and the boss acts against a screw-faced cam,S 1, at the end of the ram working in an hydraulic cylin der, C, the packing, I I, being between the ram, �haft, and cylinder. The ram has lugs,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06191875-390 fatcat:gl236u5twzbytnvvmqywrccpcu