CFD Modeling of Multiphase Flow in an SKS Furnace with New Tuyere Arrangements

Kezhou Song, Ari Jokilaakso
2021 Metallurgical and materials transactions. B, process metallurgy and materials processing science  
AbstractThere has been a great deal of focus on the optimization of tuyere arrangements in SKS bottom blown copper smelting furnaces since the last decade, as the improved furnace operation efficiency of SKS technology has potential that cannot be ignored. New –x + 0 + x deg tuyere arrangements with 14 tuyeres are proposed in this research paper. Using a previously verified numerical model, CFD tests on the velocity distribution and wall shear stress for scaled-down SKS furnace models were
more » ... cted, with a constant total volumetric gas flow rate, and different operating parameters and furnace cross-section geometries. The results indicate that, at a relatively low gas injection speed compared with the previously optimized tuyere arrangement, although the –x +0 +x deg tuyere arrangements are unable to supply enhanced agitation in the typical round furnaces, they achieve better performance in elliptical furnaces. At a comparatively higher gas injection speed, the – x + 0 + x deg tuyere arrangements can improve the agitation performance in a round furnace while maintaining an acceptable wall shear stress on the bottom and side wall. The agitation enhancement with the − x +0 +x deg tuyere arrangements can essentially be attributed to stronger interactions between bubble plumes and furnace side walls. To further exploit the advantages of the new tuyere arrangements, an optimized tuyere angle was confirmed by a full-scale furnace model simulation.
doi:10.1007/s11663-021-02362-9 fatcat:4dcpiez3prf6pnxzvxsvospw3q