Kaare Strøm—1902–1967

J. Gjessing
1968 Journal of Glaciology  
K AA RE ST R 0 M -I 90 2-1 96 7 K AARE S TR0M sta rted his acad emic studies with specialization in fresh-water biology. The first p ap ers, out of m ore than a hundred , were published as early as [920, a nd when h e obtained his Doctor's degree at the University of O slo in 192 7, he was alread y an exp erienced scientist. Later, he extended his interes ts with m ore general studies of physics, chemistry, geology and particula rl y geomorphology which , together with biology, were used in his
more » ... y, were used in his thorough investigations of la kes, or limnology in its full sense. From 193 1 he was a ttached to the University of O slo, a nd his appointment in 1939 as Dosent of Limnology im plied the esta blishment of limnology as a U niversity subj ect in Norway. From 1948 to 1962 he held a Chair of Geography, teaching bo th limnology and
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